Slainte! Stone Coasters - Irish

Slainte! Stone Coasters - Irish

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Slainte! Stone Coasters - Irish

Cheers!!! (clink) a word shared amongst close friends and family around a dinner table..or bar...bierhaus, you get the idea. Say Cheers with these festive stone coasters. 

**If you would prefer all Slainte! please indicate at checkout**

The coasters measure at approx. 4" x 4" each. Each come with four small felt pads are adhered to the bottom to protect your furniture from scratching. 

Natural stone which means they will vary in color and pores (small holes), however I try to match them up as best as possible. Perfect imperfections do occur, embrace them. Lastly, each coaster is sealed with 'The Trelles Cottage' logo on the backside.