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Miami Sippy Cup
Miami Sippy Cup

Miami Sippy Cup

The Trelles Cottage

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A fun and colorful sippy cup for Miami loving kids. If you grew up in Miami then chances are you had the taste of coffee (or Cafe con Leche) at a very early age. I don't really need my child caffeinated but I still think this is adorable. Choose between our Toucan (No Toucan Mi Cafecito translates to Don't Touch My Coffee in spanish) or our Tres Leches (which translates to Three Milks but most commonly known as a sweet dessert). What I LOVE about our sippy cups (other than their super cute design by yours truly) is the fact that you can remove the rubber gasket for cleaning. It's not a very romantic description but trust me when you have to clean sippy cups and they still harness an odor you will be glad you can remove the rubber component and clean any fluids that may be trapped. BPA-Free Plastic!

-Size: 10 Fluid oz. 6 5/8″ Tall
-Material: BPA-Free Plastic
-Care: Hand Wash Only
-Insert: Removable + Water-Resistance